What is Social Selling?

Social selling is all about building relationships online via Facebook, LinkedIn and Social Media.

To successfully socially sell you need to exactly know who the people are within your online network.

What the demographics for your audience are?

What they like and dislike?

What they do for a living?

What interests do they have?

What deposable income bracket do they fall into?

What big brands, fashions or trends do they follow?

Once you know a lot more about your ideal client and social followers then you can post content that is of real interest to them on your social media platforms. Socially selling involves 3 key stages. The first stage is to be informative. Give plenty of free information away, be there as a hub of advice and a resource for your potential client.

Tell them the benefits of a product or how best to solve a problem, topics that relate to them alone and that you know will be of interest, this may involve a bit trial and error but don’t try to sell at this stage, just be helpful.

The next stage is to build the relationship further. Building the relationship further can be done by giving away something for free, chose something that is normally at the smaller price bracket around £50 – £100 and give that away for free but to your followers only. This is exclusively for them in return for their loyalty and ongoing following, make a point of stating this in your posts .

You can give away vouchers or give away a free trail offer, this allows a potential client to try you at a zero risk or reduced fee, but will always lead to a much bigger potential upsell after the trial or free session.

Remember, don’t go straight for the kill with a big high ticket item - build the relationship up first. Let them see the value of what you do.

The 3rd key is aspect of social selling and final step is to sell to the right people at the right time. Remember not everybody is going to want your product all of the time. Some people are going to want your product at certain times a year.

So once you know your ideal customer, you then need to know when they would mostly like to buy your product. This will then be right time to start selling your product on social media but don’t over sell.

Remember only one in every ten posts you make should be a selling post. Build a relationship and give value of money to your followers and when they are ready to buy from you they will.

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