When I work with photographers on My 6 Steps to Success Program one of the biggest concerns they have is increasing their prices.  Many photographers, possibly yourself included, limit their true worth because they don’t feel their photography can achieve a higher price.

I say let your clients be the judge of your work not yourself, remember our customers view photographs differently than we do.  Our customers are NOT photography critics they do not have degrees in photography and they are not dissecting fine technical details of your work.

If you receive an enquiry through your website or social media page then it’s a done deal that your standard of work appeals to that potential client, so get over the self-critical shit and be confident about your pricing and your true worth.

To double your prices you don’t need to take a Masters in Photography or win a loads of photography awards or spend shit loads of money on expensive kit you don’t need, but you do need a brand that reflects the higher prices you are charging.

There comes a point when your brand will reach its value limit and your clients will feel that your prices are not worth the investment because you don’t have the brand or the image to back it up.  This can be changed and very fast, you can even out-source your design costs on sites like or drop me a message I know a few great and very reasonably priced designers myself.

Supermarkets are great at using branding and design to allow them to charge more for certain product lines, it’s a known fact that these product lines are very profitable to produce.  Just look at any of their “Exclusive, Especially for You, Taste the Difference and Finest Ranges and you’ll see how the packaging wording and design are all aimed to project a premium and luxury feel to the range.  You’ll gladly part with your money because you convince yourself it’s a real treat.  You’re getting the best of the best, only the finest ingredients, but most of the extra production cost goes on the packaging and not the product inside.  Yet despite this people will reach for the often more expensive items time and time again because the branding cleverly represents its worth.

So instead of copying another photographer take a walk down to your local supermarket and notice how they do it, you’ll spot a theme straight away.  The fonts used are very contemporary, the colours are often golds, silvers and purples, the colours associated with luxury plus the wording on the packaging is an art.

Notice how the fine dine restaurant menu use enticingly and often lengthy worded descriptions for their dishes with the price in a reduced size font because they are selling the product not the price.  By contrast the 2 for 1 meal deal type restaurants often have a very brief description of their meals with the price in a bold or larger font as the price is the selling part of their offer.

Start thinking how you can improve your brand to increase your prices, if you need any tips or advice feel free to drop me a message I’d be only too happy to help. 

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