How often do you hear yourself say, “I’m going to do that one day” or “I’ve always wanted to do that”.  The problem is there are 2 major factors that stop you achieving your goals but these are both under your control and you can change that today.  The two major factors are YOU and LIFE.

Firstly, YOU are the only person who puts limitations on yourself.  Once you start removing these self-imposed limitations from your thinking then you are free to start taking the steps towards achieving your goals.

Secondly, LIFE gets in the way, that’s another great excuse.  Ok, I guess its valid to a point but in the same context it’s also a load of bullshit, pardon the French.  Does life get in the way of you eating, breathing, sleeping, watching TV or playing on your phone?  Of course not, we all do it some more than others but these are habits and actions we still make time to do.

In order to make a big change today I want you to list your 10 business goals that you’d like to achieve by 12 months from today’s date.  Write them down on a piece of paper or print them out and next to each goal I want you to place 10 tick-off boxes horizontally.  Each one of these boxes represents a 10% completion of your business goal, 10 boxes = 100%.

Stick your goals to your desk or where you can see it each day and every week do an action that brings you closer to completing each goal.  Even if its just an email or a phone call, you are still taking action towards your goals.

We all have dreams and we all have goals but if you don’t take action then dreams are all they will remain.  So now look at that goal list and change the completion date from 12 months time to 3 months time and here’s why.

For over 3 years I’ve wanted to write a book but my limiting belief that being dyslexic and that I did not have the time, stopped me from taking action.  However, when I added it to my goal chart and made the point of writing just 1000 words per week, I had a book finished, published and into the Best Sellers chart in only 4 months.

Another idea on my goal chart was to set up an international joint venture program, running my workshops and seminars overseas.  Again, I added this to my goal chart and started the slow process of sending out a load of emails and connections requests on LinkedIn.  Out of all my goals for 2018 I thought this one would be the last to come off.  Within 3 weeks of taking just a few little steps towards it I connected with Dan M Lee, an award wining New York photographer, its now taken us less than 6 weeks to form and launch our first seminar date for New York this September.

The one BIG point to take away from this is start taking action NOW.  Don’t put off your dreams because you think they are too big to take shape, put them on your list and start moving towards them.  When the momentum hits and things start to kick in, your dreams can become reality pretty damn fast.

Now just to share another quick one with you, the Six Steps to Success Program was put together in one weekend and all because I told a little white lie and said I had such a program in place.  A photography marketing course supplier in India asked me to get him the details over in an email, so I had to frantically piece together all the individual training programs into one complete course in just a weekend.  AND SO…the 6 Steps to Success was born which has now gone on to help 1000s of photographers around the world.

What’s going on your goal list, I’d love to hear?  Drop me a message and I’ll send you my goal tracking and time management sheets, they are a huge help. 

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