Are you struggling for bookings?
Do you wish you could charge more for your services?
Do you fail to convert enquiries into paying clients time and time again?

Well, if this is the case you are not alone.  We’ve worked with many photographers worldwide who have faced the same problem and many photographers who are just stuck in a rut going nowhere.

The biggest mistake you can make as a photographer is to blame your photography for your current position.  If you really, really do think your photography isn’t good enough to charge more then drop us a message today and we’ll give you a FREE and honest portfolio review. 

The main contributing factor to most photographers’ struggling position is lack of marketing.  For most photographers marketing just isn’t something they really understand or enjoy, so they put up a portfolio style website, build a Facebook page and hope for the best.  When the bookings don’t come in or people want to book just on price alone then we believe it’s because our photographs just aren’t good enough.

The good news is its NOT your photographs that are to blame, its more than likely your lack of marketing and the fact you don’t have any real brand behind your photography offering.

Brand is not just a logo, brand is everything.  Brand is what your clients think, feel and believe about your photography.  If your brand strongly speaks of luxury, quality and first-class customer service and your clients truly believe you are the best then when you market to clients that fit your brand image, you can charge a premium price because your brand dictates it.  In fact, charging anything less would counteract the brand image.  People assess quality with a higher price as the two go hand in hand.

When you don’t have a brand and you try to market to anyone who’ll buy your services then 9 times out of 10 you can only sell on price.  This leads to the cut-priced end of the market which is oversaturated with budget photographers, amateurs and weekend warriors.

Instead of looking at other photographers’ websites start looking at the brands your ideal clients purchase.  These might be designer clothing manufacturers, trendy chain restaurants and luxury hotels etc.

Notice the styles, fonts and colours used in their brochures and websites, the type of words, brand message and how they use this message to create a premium quality feel.  Remember these companies have spent thousands and thousands on market research, often paying top designers and graphic artists to build a concept that appeals to their ideal client - those clients just happen to be yours too.  Take a leaf out of their books.  Copy their styles and ideas not those of another local photographer whose idea of market research is to copy another local photographer.

Branding is the foundation of every successful business large and small, and it’s the first of my 6 steps to Success on the training program and workshops.  If you’re serious about turning your business around or you’d like a bit more information about my services then simply drop me a message, I’m are here to help. 

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