Top Tip 11: Use Tags to Build Relationships


Wedding and Event Photographers you need to use the power of the TAG in ALL your Facebook and Social Media posts to get the maximum benefit from your content.

Top Tip 11 (Use Tags to Build Relationships)

When you upload photos from live events or a wedding make sure you ask your followers to tag themselves. This gets your photos in front of your fans, their friends and family too, massively extending your visibility and reach.

For example; if you've photographed a wedding party of 50 people, ask the bride to tag her friends and family in the group shot. That way your photo will appear on the profile of everyone who's tagged. You could reach thousands this way!

When I upload photos like this from a wedding I always say "Please feel free to TAG & SHARE with your friends, all I ask is you LIKE my page in return, thank you Jeff ".

You should also mention and tag the venue and any other vendors that were involved in the wedding. It is always a good idea to try and nurture friendly and professional relationships with others in the industry, that way you can recommend each other's services to potential clients.

Take a photo of the happy couple outside the venue next to their wedding car, compliment the awesome venue in your post and also say something like “beautiful Rolls Royce supplied by the fantastic ***** Wedding Cars” and tag in the company’s Facebook Page.

The chances are many vendors will connect with you to ask your permission to use the photograph in their marketing, this opens the door to possible joint ventures and commission-based referral schemes with everyone from bridal shops to cake suppliers.

Think about various stages of the wedding day and how you can tag in vendors, for example; the bride by herself looking like a million dollars and a post saying dress supplied by and tag in the bridal shop, the couple cutting the cake again tag in the cake supplier.

Always give images freely to other vendors, don’t hold onto copyright for the sake of one or two images this will only make you look like you’re only after money. The key to building great relationships is giving without expecting in return, be genuine and you’ll soon start to build solid joint ventures.

Another great idea is to have Facebook Invite cards made up. These are just smaller than postcard size and on the front have the "Like Us on Facebook Logo" with your Facebook URL, then underneath say something like ‘I hope you've had a fantastic day, I'll be uploading weddings images for everyone to see in the next few days, be sure to like my page so you don't miss them’. Then on the reverse you can include a little advert for your business. I always ask the bride to give these cards to the venue to place on the tables at the reception.

One last tip; once your post starts getting plenty of Likes, Tags and Shares be sure to click on the like button next to the post to see who's liked it then invite everyone individually to like your page if they haven't already. You'll see an "Invite” button next to their name if they don't already like your page.

Hope you guys have found this useful. As always, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a message if you'd like to know more about my Photography Marketing & Mentoring Program.

Remember you'll only ever hit that 6 figure turnover if your marketing is up to scratch, you can be the best photographer in the world but if you can't market your work you'll never make the big money!!

Thank You, Jeff