Top Tip 10: Over Deliver


The key to creating clients for life is to over deliver time and time again.  Always aim to give your clients more than they expect, over deliver and they’ll love you for it and sing your praises to their family and friends.

When you tell a client they’ll have their photos in 7 days you should over deliver and supply them in 4.  The real beauty of over delivering is that you were going to deliver them in 4 days anyway.

Build FREE and UNEXPECTED items into all your packages.  Wedding photographers, when you deliver the clients album include a FREE 20”x16” canvas or framed print of their favorite image.  This small gesture will simply blow your clients away because its something they just weren’t expecting and for the cost of around £40 the reward to your business will be priceless.  You can guarantee the free canvas will be talked about for months to come, they’ll tell everyone who sees it that you gave them it for free as a thank you for choosing you as their wedding photographer.

These small acts of gratitude to your clients are what will set you way above your competitors.

Portrait photographers, give clients 4 or 5 FREE keyrings with their favorite images on and your website details and contact number on the reverse.  These keyrings will most likely be handed out to family members and grandparents so every time a friend admires the portraits and asks which photographer they used, your contact details are there on the back ready to be passed on.

Commercial photographers, don’t just supply your clients with images go one better and create a complimentary PDF guide on how best to use their images for social media and include this when you deliver the file.  Simply put together a fantastic branded Top 10 Tips Guide, you can use Google as a resource for the information to but your guide together and your clients will love you for going that extra mile.  It’s surprising how many companies just don’t know what, how and when best to post to their Facebook Pages.

When you deliver your products and services to your clients along with their FREE and UNEXPECTED gift, this is also a perfect time to include a recommend a friend voucher.  The voucher can take the form of a discount offer for their friend and a money off your next shoot for the client referring your services.

24 hours after you have delivered your goods send your client an email or social media message asking them to leave you a testimonial, direct them to your LinkedIn or Facebook Page to leave the glowing 5-star testimonial on your Reviews Section.  When you receive your testimonials be sure to share them on your wall with the clients’ full name for all to see.  Wedding and portrait photographers, you can use these testimonials to great effect throughout your website and brochures and be sure to include an image of the happy clients too along with their full names and their town or venue they were married at.

Start over delivering today and make it a huge part of your brand, if you want to become AWESOME you need to over deliver on every account.  When you over-deliver you’ll soon become in high demand and high demand means you’ll be charging high-end prices.

Hope you found this one useful, please feel free to comment below.  I’d love to hear your feedback and remember I’m always here to help.

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