How Active Are You on LinkedIn?

It’s easy to stick with the same routine – sending out the same connection message to 50 - 100 people on a daily basis. Yes, your connections will grow and so will your network on LinkedIn but if you really want to make the most of your network by becoming an influencer and thought-leader within your niche you need to start interacting, complementing and commenting on a daily basis.

This means scrolling through your news feed and selecting potential clients you’d love to work with then interacting, complementing and commenting on the content they post. However don’t just leave your interaction on LinkedIn at the complementing and commenting stage, start writing your own creative content and don’t just talk about yourself or your business.

Talk about trends within your industry, news that your potential clients will find of use. Also post articles that create thought, start conversations, debate and interaction. Any form of interaction is good – whether its negative or positive, it will get people thinking and it will get people talking, most people comment objectively and don’t just criticises for the sake of it like many do on Facebook.

Every time you post you’ll be appearing again and again in the news feed of your ever growing network, your profile will receive more views and your influence will increase.

Start using LinkedIn for what it really is - a social selling platform for growing a network and building connections, connections that can slowly turn into clients. Start getting more active on LinkedIn today and become known by many as the thought leader in your niche.

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