Goal Setting for Success

Goal setting is a massive part of creating a successful photography business but so many photographers just don’t do it.

It’s essential to set goals for every different area of your photography business. It’s not just about how much money you are going to take or how many new clients you’d ideally like.

Set regular marketing and branding goals such updating your website, writing 10 blogs per month, having 50 Facebook posts per month, increasing your Linkedin connection rate by 1500 over 3 months.

Have goals in every single area of my business and track those goals weekly. I’ve developed a great Photographers Goals Tracker System I can send to you or you can download it from my Awesome Photographers Facebook Group if you’d like to become a member at www.22s.com/theawesomephotographersgroup

Most of all make your goals big, it’s no good having average sized goals. When somebody thinks of a goal they are usually very conservative, if I ask you to think about how much extra money you want to make in the next 12 months it would probably be a very conservative amount and you might say £40,000 or £50,000 which is easily achievable.

If you go for something a lot bigger and say ‘right well I want to increase my business by £150,000’ you are going to have to work a lot harder to achieve that it. Now think about it even if you don’t reach your goal and only get half way towards achieving your target you’ve still hit £75,000 which is 50% more than your original goal.

Really push your goals and have a good objective of what your goals are for every single avenue of your business, then track your goals on a weekly basis reassessing them each month to see which areas need working on more.

Always look at the bigger picture for your business and tweak your goals to keep on track. It could be that you are going to need more clients, so you are going to have to get the website finished quicker, or you’ll need to increase your followers on Facebook and grow your connections on LinkedIn, all of these actions will ultimately lead to increased brand awareness and potentially more clients.

Have goals in every area of your photography business and track them on a regular basis because if you don’t have goals how do you know where you are? How do you know if you are ever going to get there if you don’t know where you are going in the first place? It’s an essential part of developing and taking your business to the next level and it certainly works

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