Facebook Marketing

Too Many Photographers use Facebook as a Selling Tool

Facebook should not be used as a selling tool.

The only way you can sell on Facebook is by social selling and building relationships with your fans. If you try and use Facebook just to sell then people will start unliking your page and your followers will move away. Your Facebook page should be a hub of information, it should be there to give value to all of your followers.

If you are a wedding photographer, you should not just be selling your wedding services on Facebook you need to be talking about the best places to get dresses, the best venues for weddings in your area, what’s the ‘in’ thing to have – the must have thing this season, the current wedding trends etc.

Share funny videos from Google of weddings gone wrong, share wedding quotes, share wedding fashion tips, images from celebrity weddings this is the sort of content your followers will love because it appeals to them. Make your Facebook page the place to go for people who are getting married or planning a wedding in your area.

Once they see your Facebook page is a valued source of information then they will hold you in a higher regard because you are not just trying to sell to them on a regular basis. Followers are more likely to recommend your Facebook Page to others and share your posts with their friends because it’s a real source of information that helps other people in planning a wedding too.

Start to think of Facebook as a more information giving service other than something where you can try and promote and sell photography on a daily basis. Ideally you should only be promoting or self-promoting by doing adverts or trying to sell something on Facebook once every ten days. So, if you are posting once a day would mean that every one post out of ten should be selling meaning every other post should be informative, telling stories, showing emotions or sharing pictures from other people’s weddings.

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